Please read below some of the many testimonials Marion has received over the years as a trained therapist 

Marion always seeks to uncover the highest truth in those she works with, and does so with deep integrity and love. Her empowering techniques, produce an opening for her clients to trust their own inner wisdom and to be guided by their intuition.

Rev. Jill Hilton

Marion, I truly believe you were sent to me,
as without the guidance I have received from you, I wouldn't be where I am today. I feel blessed to have met you and you have enriched my life beyond belief. Words cannot express how much respect I have for you. Thank you for everything.


I have known Marion for approximately five years.
I am delighted to be able to act as a referee for her. Marion has been running a stress management group at our surgery but has also been seeing some of our patients privately for individual psychotherapy for several years. Feedback from the stress management course is always extremely positive. This course seems to empower people. My wish is that we could refer people to Marion under the NHS, as I have seen such good results in patients seeing Marion, either in a group or on an individual basis. It is a delight to have Marion as a resource.

Dr Karen Johnson, Poplar Grove Surgery, Aylesbury

I came to Marion with a clear mission to cure my phobias. I had not been able to eat any fruit or vegetables my entire life. I found Marion to be very welcoming and although I felt slightly embarrassed about my problem, Marion treated my problem with respect and truly helped me to overcome this. Within 2 sessions I was eating everything, I felt like a child at Christmas. Every day there was a new and exciting taste awaiting me. It has now been 3 years since Marion helped me and I am truly grateful for having met her. I would recommend Marion to anyone, for any problem. Even if you think its too silly or trivial she has an amazing ability to get to the core of the problem and help you sort it out. Thank you again Marion, I truly believe that your therapy helped me to turn my life around and took to me to the place I am now, which is happier than I could ever have imagined.

Kim Clarke, London

I had severe panic attacks for 5 years and was on strong medication when I found Marion. Within 2 months they had stopped and I have returned to work. I am now off all my medication and I feel alive again.

Jack Sawyer

I have suffered from an eating disorder for many
years. With Marion's help I have learnt how to make different choices. I am eating again and know how to cope when I am stressed so that I don't go back to my old ways.

Name withheld

My GP gave me Marion's details after helping me
cope with a period of chronic anxiety and panic attacks. The symptoms were very severe and were with me continously day and night. I was unable to eat, sleep or work. Marion spent an hour on the telephone with me giving me advice and various coping techniques before I even attended my first appointment for which I will be forever grateful. She has helped me deal with many issues from the past 10 - 15 years and given me coping strategies that really work. My only regret is not visiting her sooner!
Marion is a true professional and expert in her field and I would certainly recommend her to anyone with similar problems.

Karen - Aylesbury  

Having reached my lowest ebb, I decided a counselor was the way forward in solving my emotional issues. Marion was exactly the person for me and her approach was exactly what was required to heal the wounds and move on with my life. The most important aspect when seeing a counsellor is to connect with that person and this was instant with Marion. A great listener, provokes your thoughts and feelings and methodical. Highly recommended and the best decision I have made in many years.

Nick, Aylesbury

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